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Our team, 5 young guys with no less than 20 years of experience, passionate about events where everyone has their specialty and excels in their field.

We also speak several languages such as english, dutch, french and russian. Let us introduce ourselves :

"Music is what makes me happy."

When discovering the important vinyl collection of his father, Cédric Boens (CED Nates) develops a real passion for music early 90s.

He starts his career in 2001 by mixing music at different venues in Belgium's capital, Brussels. After being a resident DJ in different bars, he decided to create CEDB Events, together with Matt, DJ colleague and long time friend.

"After several years spent in clubs and bars, we needed something different, a new challenge.

We now have more than 10 years experience in the private/corporate sector and we continue to learn everyday. We're also very proud of our team, which has now 5 members and keeps growing with the years."

"During the 90s, I felt the click."

My primary school and my football club used to organize shows and events. The first time i went to those, I instantly fell in love with the atmoshphere and I felt attracted by those beautiful light effects used during these shows.

At the age of 12, I decided to devote myself and invest in my own DJ gear. I started very young by hosting small private parties for friends.

In 2005, a very good friend of mine, named Paul (resident in several bars in Brussels) took me under his wing to teach me more about the DJ job so I could gain some experience and get advice.

Gradually, things have moved on and I started in 2011 to mix in different bars in the capital, Brussels.

Nowadays, I am resident DJ, organizer and promoter of a party concept called "Welcome to my Mood" at Mood Bar in Brussels with my friend DJ G.A.

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